Working for the Arts

Gabriola Arts Council’s Five-Year Strategic Plan

In the first six months of 2013, the GAC Board of Directors worked with professional arts consultant and cultural planner Patricia Huntsman to develop a new Strategic Plan. This plan was presented briefly to the membership at the 2013 Annual General Meeting in September, and will be reviewed, discussed and enriched more fully at the Cafe GAC event on 17 November. Below are the highlights of the plan. A summary document can be downloaded here.

Vision of the Gabriola Arts Council:

An enduring and thriving island artscape for everyone.

Mission of the Gabriola Arts Council:

Gabriola Arts Council’s mission is to activate, enhance and inspire the community’s cultural vitality through collaboration, leadership, and service.

The mandate of the Gabriola Arts Council:

  • Promote awareness of and participation in the arts.
  • Mentor artist and arts organizations to achieve excellence and cultivate a vibrant and sustainable cultural landscape.
  • Build the foundation for public and private support for the arts.
  • Serve as the cultural voice of the community, advocating on its behalf with government and industry stakeholders.
  • Be the “go-to” place for information and resources on arts and culture.
  • Work in collaboration with community partners and arts organizations in delivering high-quality and diverse artistic programming.
  • Facilitate culture-led economic and community development.
  • Offer integrative arts therapy for the health of all Gabriolans.
  • Foster pride in the Isle of the Arts!

The 2013-2018 GAC Strategic Plan is titled “Working for the Arts” to highlight:

  1. The role GAC performs in the community: working to support Gabriola artists in all art forms and at all levels; and ensuring local residents and visitors can engage with the arts and are aware of the Island’s rich cultural resources.
  2. The organization’s traditional working board structure from which it seeks to transition towards a more strategic governance model over the next five years.
  3. The fact that Gabriola Island has one of the largest concentrations of artists in the local workforce, ranking sixth across Canada, underscoring the importance GAC plays in supporting local arts-led economic development.

Working for the Arts promotes, supports and develops four pillars:

  1. Professional development opportunities of established artists;
  2. Educational and training opportunities for emerging artists;
  3. Enhancing the economic well-being of artists;
  4. Enriching the Gabriola community through the arts.

These four pillars are the overall performance measures of the plan.

Working for the Arts: Goals & Strategies

The goals and strategies outlined in this strategic plan represent the steps involved to achieve GAC’s overall aim of strengthening its organizational capacity and directing its activities towards becoming a sustainable operation. In so doing, the organization will play a more central, leadership and coordinating role in the community for arts and culture-led economic development, with increased partnerships and collaboration in cultural events and programming.

Goal 1 | Build Organizational Capacity
Goal 2 | Diversify and Increase Resources
Goal 3 | Improve Communication and Engagement
Goal 4 | Lead Cultural Planning
Goal 5 | Broaden Audience and Artistic Practice

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