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Artist in Residence 2018

Artist in Residence 2018

Artist in Residence 2018

Artist in Residence 2018

Artist in Residence 2018

The Haven/Gabriola Arts Council Artist in Residence for 2018 has been selected.

The Haven and The Gabriola Arts Council are pleased to announce that Ayala Reznik has been chosen as the Haven/Gabriola Arts Council Artist in Residence in 2018. Ayala is a Toronto-based sculptor and multi-media artist whose recent work has explored representation of the female body, particularly through the aesthetics of the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras, and its contemporary relevance in considering issues and representations of abuse, trauma, and rehabilitation. She has developed her understanding of this theme through sculpture and installation, performance art, and photography, and through this work has come to understand the profound and meaningful continuity between prehistoric representations of women’s bodies and self-representations of female bodies today.

Ayala says, “When I was informed that I had been chosen to be the artist in residence at the Haven on Gabriola Island in 2018, I was very excited—I am thrilled to take part in this new adventure. This will be an opportunity to connect with a new community and to create out of this new relationship, as well as to reflect on the connections between the inner and outer realms that I have consistently explored in my art. I am intrigued to experience how the encounter with the community, creators, and nature in Gabriola will paint my art, and myself, as an artist and a human, in new colours.” Examples of Ayala’s work can be seen on her web site at

Ayala’s one-month residency will run from April 3 to April 30, and will not only provide time and space for her to work on her own projects, but will also include participation in the Isle of the Arts Festival (April 5 to 15), and other opportunities for her to engage with the local community.

Ayala was chosen from among a collection of talented and interesting artists who applied for the position. This year’s jury included local artists Naomi Beth Wakan, Sheila Norgate, and Brad Shipley, along with GAC Program Director Mitch Miyagawa. Their review process was facilitated by GAC and Haven board member Mary Holdgrafer.

This is the sixth year of the Artists Haven program, through which young artists (under 30 years) from around the world are invited to apply for a month-long residency. This creative collaboration between The Haven and GAC is an opportunity to support young artists, and to introduce their work to a Gabriola audience. Previous artists-in-residence include painter Talia Peckel (2017), musician Justin Kautz (2016), painter Claire Uhlick (2015), and performance artist Brooke Leifso (2014).

We look forward to welcoming Ayala to The Haven and Gabriola in 2018.

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