Big News from GAC

The next twelve months are going to be busy at the Gabriola Arts & Heritage Centre!

First—the Gabriola Arts Council has received a donation of a log building from the Island School of Building Arts. This hand-hewn structure will be built on the school’s site by ISBA students, and then disassembled, transported up-Island, and reassembled on the GAC property. GAC will provide the foundation, roof, windows, doors, and all interior elements.

Second—we’ve just confirmed our participation in a ten-month Job Creation Partnership (a BC government-sponsored program) that will enable us to hire three full-time workers and one supervisor to complete the renovation and upgrade work on the existing building (the old Women’s Institute Hall) and all of the work required to install and complete the log building. Working under the full-time supervision of Guy Mireau (a Red Seal-certified journeyman cabinetmaker with over thirty years in the building trades), and with the participation and mentorship of a number of experienced tradespeople, the three new workers will be hands-on with a wide variety of building and building-related tasks, from carpentry and plumbing, to foundation work, electrical, finishing work, roofing, landscaping, and more. The program is designed to teach valuable skills and build networks that will be useful in future jobs.

The JCP also provides support for much of the material required for the project, including work clothes, gear, and tools for the participants; general site tools; building materials; and important additions such as a heat pump for the log building, drywall and paint for the GAHC, and more.

Pat Rokosh, ISBA Manager, says, “This is a fantastic partnership. ISBA is happy to be supporting the Arts Council’s work while showcasing the high-quality craftsmanship demonstrated by our students.” Charlie Cheffins, GAC’s Interim Chair, agrees, “The whole community benefits: ISBA will have a highly visible building that shows off their students’ work; we’ll be providing paid, meaningful employment for four people for almost a year; and GAC will gain much-needed office and storage space, while keeping the Arts & Heritage Centre as an accessible community space for meetings, classes, performances, rehearsals, and workshops. What a great way for GAC to be celebrating our 20th anniversary!”

GAC is accepting applications for the three positions now, with a closing date of September 14. Eligible participants must be EI-eligible or have had an active EI claim (including parental leave) in the past 3 years. Click here to see the job posting. Email Michelle for more information.



  1. Zulis Yalte

    Wow- wonderful news… Feels like Jeff is working behind the scenes!

    Way to go GAC and ISBA! Love the partnering for the greater good of the whole community!

  2. Trudy Broadley

    I think a lot of people will benefit from this partnership! A win for our community!

  3. kathy ramsey

    Win! Win! How fabulous is that, eh?! Great work, GAC!