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Isle of the Arts Festival and Breaking Bannock:  Building Bridges

Isle of the Arts Festival and Breaking Bannock:  Building Bridges

Isle of the Arts Festival and Breaking Bannock:  Building Bridges

Isle of the Arts Festival and Breaking Bannock:  Building Bridges

The Isle of the Arts Festival opens on March 28 2024 and wraps up on April 7th.

On March 30th, the Gabriola Arts Council is excited to host Angela Sterritt, author of Unbroken: My Fight for Survival, Hope, and Justice for Indigenous Women and Girls,” currently the top bestseller in BC.

Angela Sterritt, a Gitxsan member, is an award-winning journalist and former CBC investigative journalist. She will be joined on stage by Gabriola’s own Katherine Palmer Gordon, another esteemed author, most recently known for her book, “This Place Is Who We Are.” We are privileged to have Katherine conduct the interview with Ms. Sterritt.

This year our annual One Book; One Community initiative, a significant component of the Isle of the Arts Festival along with two other workshops, “Bannock with Lorna” with Lorna Johnny and “Pi’qwin Salmon” with Jared Qwustenuxun Williams, are being presented in IoTA by the Breaking Bannock: Building Bridges initiative. While “Bannock with Lorna” and “Pi’qwin Salmon are sold out there are still seats available for the “One Book” event. The Gabriola Library has several copies of Unbroken to read, generously supplied by the Friends of the Library. Alternatively, the book is available for purchase online through our registration page and at the event.

This year, we are delighted that this event is part of the Breaking Bannock program and are pleased to announce that, like our inaugural talk, there will be bannock. Please join us early, at 6:30, to break bannock and engage in meaningful discussions with friends and neighbors. We look forward to seeing you there.

While several programs in this year’s IoTA program have sold out, there are still numerous opportunities to explore your creativity. Workshops on clay, music, painting, food, printmaking, dancing, fiber arts, jewelry making, collage, and exploring your creative process are all part of the lineup. Additionally, there are exciting community activities to participate in, such as the night market, the community dance social, and the Arty Party (a free event).

See full list of events and workshops.

We recognize the impact of inflation on our Gabriola community and understand that some may find our program costs restrictive. Our inclusivity fund is available to assist individuals in need. An online application is all that’s required to apply for funding assistance for any program. Visit our inclusivity page to apply:

We hope you  participate in  the workshops and events, that you have fun and are inspired to cultivate the arts with us. Buy tickets online:

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